List of the Top Adult Dating Sites

Welcome to On My List.  I started this website because I have gone to the moon and back trying to find the best dating apps.  There are very few resources online that police the various dating and match making sites, so I figured I’d spend my free time evaluating the landscape of online dating.

My mission is to help people steer clear of the dating apps that are scams, and help like-minded people who want to find casual encounters find the best fit for theirselves when it comes to finding a sexual encounter.

Adult Dating Websites

The most popular sex dating app to find casual encounters, by far, is Adult Friend Finder.

I highly recommend you read that link to my FULL review to see why they have the largest member base by a country mile.

If you want to hook up without any questions, I recommend you read my Instabang review.

Are you into Cougars and Older Women?

Milf Play is the best site for Cougars.

There are always new apps, and I’ll admit, I get curious, so I join them for a month and check them out. (Hey, this is a business, and I can actually write that stuff off now, so why not?)  The reason being is that as a horn dog myself, I like to know that I’m fishing in the right pond and giving myself the best chance to find casual sex.

Beware:  there are many scamming websites out there.  Check them out on this page and make a mental note to avoid them.

You’ll see that I use a straight forward approach when I provide my dating app reviews and I even delve into my personal experiences with each app.  I have made it my personal mission to promote the good sites, and to dime out the bad sites.

How to Hook Up Using Adult Dating Apps

The best way to give yourself a solid chance online with adult dating apps is to make sure you follow a few ground rules.  Granted, I didn’t invent these rules overnight, and I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I do pretty well for myself and certainly have a lot more invested in this game than 99% of other men out there fishing in these same ponds.  I pride myself in having a sense of game without being the douchey persona of a “pick up artist,” if that makes sense.

#1:  Concentrate on your profile:

Everything from the pics you choose to the way you convey your message will be judged from the first second a woman lays eyes on you.  Make sure that your pics are of you, are current, and that you have a smile on your face.  Nobody wants to date the guy who looks mean and stern in his profile pic.  Be happy, take a good pic or two, and move on to writing your profile.

Speaking of your profile, it’s important to be confident, but not cocky.  Arrogance is a turn off.  You want to let women know you have an abundance of options when it comes to hooking up with women, but you don’t want to flat out brag.  Women will be turned off if you are a braggart.  Be short, sweet, to the point, and funny if that’s your personality. Let your personality ring through in your profile and be someone who will stand out from the crowd.

#2:  Send Many Messages

This is a numbers game, and it’s easy to fire up some messages when you have down time, so swing for the fences!  Also, make sure to inquire about something on her profile when you send messages.  Ask about her skin care routine, if she likes that designer who made her shirt, or something that actually lets her know you looked hard at her pictures, but without being too much like a deviant.  Let that dirty talk come later once she’s opened up to you a bit.

I can’t stress enough how much of a numbers game this is.  Women are inundated with messages from many men, so make sure that you send messages that stand out from the crowd.

#3:  Follow Up is Key

There are do’s and dont’s when it comes to follow up. If you are online 24/7 and replying to her, she will view you as desperate. Don’t hang out on the hook up app all day, every day.  Especially on Friday and Saturday nights. That makes you look like you have nothing going on in life.  Instead, send messages during the week, reply an hour or more after she sends, and don’t reply at random hours until you know someone a bit more.  Ask about weekend plans, leaving it an open door policy to meet up should you both be tipsy and awake late on those weekend nights!