Why You Should Avoid Hiring Escorts

Did you know there are millions of people using adult dating websites and hookup apps to find casual sexual encounters today? In a recent report, it was found out that more and more people are ditching the old methods of finding sex and adopting the new online methods.

Believe it or, millions are now using adult dating sites and are happy with the success they find on these. People no longer have to visit gyms, clubs, libraries, or any other place to find a partner. They can do so on the internet and it helps them cut back on the effort as well as the costs.

However, the sad bit is that even when something this easy and accessible is available, people are still using the decades-old escort services to live their sexual fantasies. It is understandable that you do not have to make an effort when it comes to paying for sex, but can you have peace of mind while using these services.

In 2018, escort services are no longer considered safe to use. The dynamics of this industry has changed and all the good people who were making an honest living through this have gone away and instead, shady people have taken over the industry.

These people are criminals through and through and the people they hire to help you with your desires are nothing less. The truth is, escort agencies have lost their touch and are now nothing but scam businesses that survive on bait tactics.

They put on pictures of beautiful models and mature women on their flyers and websites to attract desperate folks looking for quick sex fix. Once someone gets trapped in their bait, they realize the pictures and other things escort agencies mention are just marketing tactics to get you to pay the money.

Once the escort arrives at your door, she is not only a different person but is also completely unsafe and not screened for. Using escort services can lead to serious health implications because there is no way to tell if the girl you are going to get sexually active with is clean.

If that isn’t all, escort services are also very expensive, much more than they used to be. For example, you pay the fee they require you to initially pay. Once you are done with that, you may think that’s all the money you had to pay. Wait until the girl arrives.

Once she arrives, she starts asking you to pay her money for anything you want her to do. If you want her to put on a strip show, she’ll ask you for extra money. Anything you desire will be charged.

Escorts are really not worth it these days and you should absolutely avoid hiring an escort. Instead, go look for a genuine girl on adult dating sites or hookup apps. Read how they compare to regular dating sites on this page.  You are bound to find someone you like with the sexual interests you desire. This is also by far the safest way to have sex with an unknown person.

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