Three Latin Dating Sites I Recently Tried Out…

Growing up in the United States, a lot of us were fascinated with the wealth of culture contained just south of the border. Although not terribly far away for some, for others, Mexican culture certainly had to seem wholly removed from everyday life.

I know that sometimes there’s just something irresistible about a Mexican man or woman. So, if you’re like us & sometimes find the allure of Latin men & women all but irresistible, you’re in luck. Below, I’ve put together a list of just a few sites that cater to this sort of love, in the hopes that you’ll be eating delicious elote (bomb-ass Mexican corn) and touring Mayan ruins in no time!

Best Latin Dating Sites List

Here’s my personal list of Latin dating sites that you might want to give a shot. I’ll kick things off with the one and only Mexican Cupid network.


As the title of today’s first website might suggest, Mexican Cupid is centered around connecting Mexican individuals with Western singles.

While not the largest user base at around just 700,000 strong, there’s definitely enough here for a positive experience. If you decide to pay for an upgraded membership, the experience gets even better, opening up options for things like messaging other platinum users & enhancing your profile. Prices range from $29.99 for a single month of gold enhancements, all the way up to 12 months of platinum benefits for $149.99 a year. When compared to other dating sites with similar offerings, this is a fairly standard price range.

Profile creating is easy, requiring just an email & password to gain access. While this tends to be about as basic as it gets, users are provided with the option to return to their profiles later and add additional details. They also offer the option of syncing your profile with your Facebook, which makes the whole process even easier.

Something I liked about Mexican Cupid is the ability for members to verify both their identity and their immigration status. This is done by submitting a few different pieces of identification to the site, including a driver’s license or a permanent residence card. Depending on the documents submitted & the status of the individual, their profile will be verified with a badge. Since some of the users on Mexican Cupid have already begun their adventures traveling into the States, it helps to display those features to Westerners who’d like to meet someone they can potentially bring home with them right away.

Mexican Cupid has also released a mobile app, one that actually improves the overall experience with the site. Its design makes finding the different parts of the site a breeze, which is probably why it’s so well rated. Potential users should be warned that this is only available to Android users, so Apple fans will have to stick with the desktop site.


Next up today I’ve got Amor en Linea, a site that’s been running consistently since 2008. While a site unto itself, Amor en Linea is part of the broader Oasis Dating Network. They own a total of 7 dating sites with different specialties, but the user bases are all combined. This means that technically speaking, Amor en Linea has a practical membership of over 20 million members.

As for registration & profile creation, there’s a lot of what you’ve probably seen before being offered on Amore en Linea. Visitors can upload a few photos under 3MB, along with some basic information like body type, gender, age, & other things of that sort. As one might expect on a multiethnic dating site, there’s also plenty of questions that pertain to the country of origin & cultural nuance. For sites of this nature, it’s crucial to have this information readily available, so that everyone knows exactly what they’re getting themselves into. I also appreciated that users with unfinished profiles are limited in what they can do on the site, making full participation more or less a must.

Moving onto the messaging portion of Amore en Linea, there are a few things worth pointing out. The first of these is date limitations on messages. Users are only given 72 hours to respond to messages in their inbox, after which they are automatically deleted. To us, these seem like an attempt to keep users active on the site on a more regular basis, something I wholly support. One gripe I had is, like some lesser hookup apps, Amore en Lines doesn’t provide you with an option to aggregate or organize your messages, which can be a little frustrating for some.

Searching for users is pretty basic on Amore en Linea, with options to search by location, age, distance from your location, or members that are currently logged in. If you dig into their advanced options, you can also tweak the searches to include things like personality traits i.e. “outgoing” or “social butterfly”. This advanced approach dramatically improves the results received, and should probably just be used by default.

All in all, there’s quite a bit for users to enjoy on Amore en Linea. They make a noticeable effort to keep their users engaged while offering enough for new users to be enticing all around.


Caliente is much more centered around native Spanish speakers from Latin American countries who’re looking to find a date outside of their place of origin. Their tagline is that it’s the perfect site for people with “…a taste for the exotic.” which gives us the impression that they’re really trying to capture the attention of Western men & women.

Profile creation is pretty image-centric on Caliente, with not a ton being offered as far as personality questions or details about your relationship experiences. When you consider that Caliente is primarily a hookup site, it makes sense that they’re focused on looks first.

Something I’m not the biggest fans of is when sites offer a model that seems completely free, but really only gets your foot in the door. That’s the situation with Caliente, unfortunately. While getting your membership started is completely free, once you’re actually browsing the site you’ll find that pretty much any action taken costs money. Aside from some basic search options and a “flirt”-type option, you’ll have to cough up some cash to have any luck here. That being said, if you decide to pay for the 3-month membership at just under $100, you’ll get access to their hookup guarantee. Basically, they state that if you can’t make any connections through the site within the first 3 months, you’ll get a full refund for your trouble.

Another plus regarding paid membership options is their ability to use the site a bit more discreetly, with premium users getting the ability to set their images to private, as well as being able to browse profiles without the “online” symbol being shown.

While this may not be the single best site out there for Latina & Latinx singles to find a long-term relationship, it’s pretty spot-on for members looking to have some last-minute fun.

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