My XDating Report Tells All, Literally Everything…

My next site today is XDating, one of the lesser sites on this list, but nonetheless, one that aims to get you hooked up with local singles as quickly as possible.

My issues with XDating were unfortunately plentiful, but our biggest overall gripe was the constant redirects we were getting whenever we tried to navigate the site. It felt like almost every link was just an excuse to get us to visit another site, which is pretty frustrating since you’ve got to pay to enter X Dating in the first place.

Another problem we encountered here was the spambots. These fake user profiles got to messaging us almost immediately and were yet another attempt to solicit additional funds. And if you read the fine print, XDating even states that they hire independent contractors to run “promotional” profiles. This is a nice way of saying that they hire fake users to get additional money from site members. Not cool, XDating, not cool.

While fairly attractive on the surface, XDating is yet another company adrift in a sea of hookup sites, one that aims to get their membership costs out of your wallet immediately. There’s not really much in the way of free options here, so unless you’re comfortable with coughing up $30 before seeing what the site is about, and then spending even MORE money to enjoy the available content, XDating might not be the best choice for you.

More to come on this review very soon!

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