Is Adult Friend Finder Legit?

Moving to a new city because of college or a new job means that you’ll be entering an unfamiliar space with unknown faces. And making new friends, especially those who you can have some adult fun with is probably going to be a long and daunting task.

Imagine spending every night in the bar talking to random strangers and trying to win their trust and hurt so you can have a good bang? In 2019, this is either not going to work too well for you, or even if it does work, it’ll take months before some action happens.

If you want to get things done as soon as you’re in the new town, you should open your phone’s AppStore or sit down on your laptop and try your luck with Adult Friend Finder.

Adult Friend Finder is an adult dating website where you can find single men and women to have some raunchy moments together. The site features the world’s largest sex and swinger community. It is one of the most well-known adult dating sites for quick sexual encounters, hookups and everything else related to sex.

I mean logging on to the site, it is quite obvious what it is trying to offer you. Everything is unfiltered and filled with explicit photos and plenty of options where you can find sex. One of the best things about the site is its large member base. Believe it or not, the site attracts more than 25 million visits per month. Now that’s a lot of people using the site. Now imagine the chances of you finding someone for a casual hookup or just plain one-night stand fun. They’re pretty high!

Adult Friend Finder is All About Sex

If it’s the sex you are looking for, then there is nothing better than AFF. The site was designed from the very ground up to be a platform where horny young men and women could come and find someone for a quick sexual encounter. And it does that pretty well.

As soon as you sign-up on the site, whether as a free member, or premium, you are given many options to edit your profile so it is found by like-minded people. For example, you are immediately given a questionnaire to fill in which you are asked stuff like whether you have french kissed before, and whether you have engaged in foreplay for more than two hours. Options like this help make your profile unique and it also makes it possible to match you with a person who is exactly like you.

To make your odds even better, Adult Friend Finder has a couple of tests that members can take. Once you complete a test, you are given a score and if you choose to, it can be shown on your main profile page. Whenever someone comes to your profile and see your good scores in certain tests, they will be more interested in getting to know you.


What I really love about Adult Friend Finder is that it has one of the best matching systems on the entire internet. The more you fill your profile and take tests, the better the system gets at matching you with the right people. I have always found perfect girls through this matchmaking system. This is a very good system for beginners since they can simply rely on the system to help them find suitable partners. And since you are being matched to like-minded people, the chances of you having sex in the same night increases trifold.

Adult Friend Finder Features

Here is a quick look at the features of the site.

  • Direct emailing and messaging without being friends
  • Send virtual gifts
  • Flirt with members by poking them
  • Hot or not game
  • Watch videos of people who you have become friends with
  • Start a blog
  • Adult chat rooms
  • Live broadcasts
  • Groups
  • Plenty of photos
  • Sex courses from the inhouse academy
  • And much more.

Adult Friend Finder clearly makes finding sex in your area easy. Since the app version of the site uses location sharing services, you can instantly find hundreds of members of the site living near your area.

At one time, I was able to find someone right next to the street I was looking for. We talked to each other for 15 minutes and the next thing I was walking to her house and we enjoyed having sex all night. This is the power of Adult Friend Finder and you should definitely try it out.