Affair Dating Networks That Help You Cheat

With communication & technology being way more advanced than it used to be, it’s more important than ever to keep these types of interests & connections discrete. Luckily, there’ve been quite a few websites that have popped up over the years to help people do just that.

Below, we’ve put together a list of a few of the more notable sites in this category. We try to be as comprehensive as possible, which means that the good, the bad, AND the ugly are all visible below. Let’s get started, shall we?

Affair Dating Sites You Must Know About


Our first site today is VIctorian Milan, one of the top tier affair sites on the web today. While the site’s main bread & butter is the affair industry, they’re also quite open to more serious relationship connections being formed here as well. This means that signup is open to single folks as well.

As far as security, it’s yet another area in which Victorian Milan shines. Even upon visiting the site for the first time, you immediately notice the Norton & McAfee badges of certification. This isn’t just for show either, but a legitimate approval rating that Victorian Milan has earned thanks to its stringent security efforts.

The also offers some one-of-a-kind functions that make it perfect for folks who are engaging in behavior that they’d like to keep a secret. For starters, profiles have profile image blurring, which allows you to stay anonymous to all users unless you allow them access. They were also smart enough to include an auto-logout feature, which keeps things safe for the more absent-minded folks out there. But by far the most novel & unique of these privacy features is the Panic button, found right inside of the main navigation bar. This is for those situations when your husband or wife is home while you’re trying to browse the site. As opposed to a quick closing of windows, the panic button will immediately redirect you to completely innocuous-looking videos on YouTube. This is a clever touch that could definitely help some folks avoid creating major problems at home.

Victorian Milan seems to be a very legitimate site that offers a great product to its users. Their adherence to privacy is quite impressive, and when paired with the top-tier functions they offer, it’s easy to see why we’ve put them at the top of the list.


One of the first things that attracted us to Meet Wives was their free membership option, which is pretty crucial for users who’d like to check out a dating site before dropping a lot of money or personal payment information. However, this attractive feature was quickly ruined by the site’s endless efforts to get you to upgrade. In addition to this, Meet Wives claims that they need your credit card information to confirm that you’re over eighteen, something we know from experience to be completely false, especially with the sheer amount of ID verification checks available online nowadays.

So alright, the costs may not be upfront, but what about the member profiles once you’ve gotten online? Well, unfortunately, this is another area in which Meet Wives’ appearances are a bit deceiving. The FAQ section of Meet Wives will tell you everything you need to know, being quoted as saying, “You may encounter profiles that are total fakes…”. They go on to say that many of the messages & profiles that can be seen on their site are fake as well, and are most likely being read from scripts, oftentimes without any real person behind them. This is incredibly frustrating to legitimate visitors who’re trying to find a real-life connection.

This problem gets even more annoying when you find out that when using Meet Wives, “The real people you meet, if any, may be total imposters and may have malicious or pecuniary motives; they may even be paid to engage you.” Seriously? It isn’t enough that users have to worry about entirely bot-driven profiles, but even if they get a real person on “the line,” it’s STILL entirely possible that it’s all a facade?

One of the few saving graces of Meet Wives is their social media functions, with the ability to make “Friends” just as you would on Facebook. Fortunately, it seems like the only way to friend individuals is by meeting other actual people and mutually accepting the request. In this way, there’s at least one option for members to try and find other legitimate users and make plans for the evening.

While there are quite a few weak points to Meet Wives, there are at least a few options for finding legitimate connections. While we advise the utmost caution when using Meet Wives, we can still recommend it as a somewhat viable option for finding an affair partner.


Like most sites of its kind, Cheating Hookup is pretty much all pay-to-play, a fact that they don’t disguise from the get-go. Attempts at gaining your payment info are made right away and are


Rounding out today’s list is Affair Hookups, a site dedicated to finding one-night stands, flings, and all other manners of short-term love.

The main problem we have with Affair Hookups is, just like many other hookup companies, the site has a distinct lack of legitimate females on the site. It’s such a problem that Affair Hookups has to hire people to run fake user accounts, in an effort to keep site membership running strong. While they certainly aren’t the only site in this category to do so, it bothers us quite a bit when sites aim to mislead their users, even if they’re explicit in the fine print.

Unfortunately, the messaging & email functions aren’t much better, with most of the correspondences you receive amounting to nothing more than automated responses & bots. After you finished signup, you’ll notice that messaging start coming in almost immediately. The problem here is twofold, as 1) free members can’t see profile information regarding messages, and 2) there’s something strange about getting so many messages without every even completing your profile. This is yet another sign that a lot of what you’ll be seeing on Affair Hookups is painfully fake.

While we were initially intrigued with the offerings put forth by Affair Hookups, the sheer lack of legitimate users & many attempts to get our data & dollars makes us unwilling to suggest the site as a proper affair option. Quite frankly, you’d do a lot better with the other options outlined above.