Best Adult Dating Sites for Hook Ups

On the look for a casual one night stand or quick hook up? Adult dating apps are your best answer. These apps have millions of horny users looking for a good time with other people like them.

If you’re super horny and can’t find someone to get things hot, try one of the apps we have listed below for instant steamy action.

Just be sure to try them all out one by one because each and every app is tailored for different personalities.

The Top Hook Up Apps for Adults


Mingle2 works like Tinder but instead of swiping left or right, you simply tap on a heart button to let the other person know you’re interested. You also have the ability to nudge someone which is basically a poke/flirt version of Facebook and Adult Friend Finder.

The app is free to use but you must buy yourself a monthly package to get premium features such as read receipts, invisible browsing, and more.

Hook Up Dating

Hook Up Dating is pretty much similar to many typical adult dating apps. It is free on iOS and lets you create an ad profile complete with photos. You can decide to keep your profile private or public and it will include your real name and actual age. From there on you can browse other member profiles, send them messages, or winks (similar to poke, likes) and wait for them to reply to you.


Hitch is a free-to-use adult dating app on iOS and Android. It is centered around shared interests. You will have to start with making a complete profile just like on any other app and then you can check out the trending conversations being happening amongst regular users in your area.

You can then decide to join in the conversation and then become friends with a member you like most and take your stuff to the next level.


Like meeting your date in a group like setting? Klique may be the perfect answer. The app matches you with someone then lets both of you bring your friends along, but they also need to be on the app. From there on, all of you can make a plan together and meet somewhere outside.


The app works a lot like Tinder but to some extent, do things automatically for you. Instead of messaging the members, you can let the app know who you are interested in and it will try to set up a date for both of you. You can also filter out the relationship intent of the members and find people who are only interested in sex, one night stands, and other similar activities.


Veat works a lot like Tinder too. But instead of photos, you’ll see 7-second videos of members. If you like someone, you can swipe up to let them know you’re interested. The video instead of pictures is a good change and it actually gives you more insight into the person’s personality, the way they talk, the expressions they make, and more. You can use the app to find friendship, relationships, and one night stands.


Whim is a lot like Clover. Instead of messaging each other on the platform, members can set a time they are available for some action and the app will arrange the rest. It will suggest a place for you guys to meet. All you have to do is show up at the set place and you can carry things from thereon.


Zipskee is an app focused on travelers. If you want to have some action while you are traveling, install the app on your phone. The app will pair you with a local who will not only show you around the town but will also warm your bed if you like.

Stud or Dud

Despite its controversial name, the app doesn’t really match you with other members based on your physical appearance. What it does is that it makes sure that you are never paired with someone who has had a shady past.

The app requires you to add information like your job, your marital status, and whether you are comfortable with certain activities. Once you have all of this information uploaded on the app, it tries to match you with the perfect individual. And since you can see the job, marital status, and other things about the person, there is a level of security.

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